Product Development
& Backing Technology

Creativity, many years of expertise and modern production processes are the essentials for the creation of new products. Supported by experienced product designers and baking technicians, we develop specialty flours, premixes and functional raw materials. In addition to an increasing variety of sourdoughs, Knollmühle provides a broad a variety of ingredients and food additives. You have an idea for a new product? Talk to us!

Special Recipes & Premixes for professionals

Knollmühle is also able to blend different types of flour according to individual needs. The advantages of an individual mix are:

Unique final products with a unique positioning in the market

Uniform quality even with complex recipes

Product Safety

Savings in labor

Better and more flexible usability of your raw material storage

Toll Manufacturing | Packaging

1 kg bag (10 x 1 kg in shrink wrap)
10 kg bags and
25 kg bags

Flour is a sensitive product. The packaging provides identity and protects it. We have decades of experience in packaging all types of milling products and are happy to make our knowledge and services available to other companies.