Contract blending, filling & packaging from a single source

We are your partner with certified reliability.

We are certified


Contract blending

We mix your product based on your recipe. We are also happy to support you with the development of the recipe.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with optimal and homogeneous quality.

If your product is to be ground beforehand, we will be happy to help you. We are experts in this field based on our experience as a classic grinding mill.


FILL IT & PACK IT – Contract filling

As an experienced IFS and EU-BIO/ÖKO certified food producer, we guarantee efficient and hygienic filling of your food-safe products.

Our packaging materials are food-safe and keep your goods fresh with aroma protection.

Would you like to outsource your production process in general, cover order peaks, shift risk or simply save on an investment? Then we are your reliable partner.




Our full service also offers you the option of storing your goods with us and delivering them on demand.
Efficient commissioning completes our offer.


Trust in our competence, efficiency and our high standards of care and quality

Your added value with us as your partner:


  • Product safety – consistent product quality even with complex recipes
  • Flexibility, reliability and adherence to schedules
  • Assistance in recipe development
  • Saving of personnel and machine costs
  • Outsourcing of order peaks
  • Shifting your production risk
  • Outsourcing of your warehouse logistics
    • We take over the storage of your goods and raw materials
    • Our employees pick reliably
    • You have the option of retrieving goods in tranches

Our philosophy - our passion

Value food

Food is one of the most precious goods we have. It is precisely for this reason that it is important to us to bring your food-safe, free-flowing product into a form that is optimally saleable for you with the utmost care.

Our customers benefit from our experience

Due to our experience as a classic grinding mill, we have decades of know-how in the bagging of all types of ground products. We are experts in processing your organically certified or conventional food in an efficient and hygienic way.

Modern & dynamic

We have the necessary resources for your wishes. Our young, dynamic team loves challenges and our modern mixing and filling systems are state-of-the-art.


An environmentally friendly and resource-saving production is extremely important to us.

We ensure that our raw materials are sourced regionally. Two thirds come from a radius of less than 100 km, no raw material travels more than 200 km.

The Gusen has been driving our mill for centuries. Even today, it provides us with a good part of the energy required for our valuable products.

We obtain the remaining requirement completely from renewable sources, in future largely with our in-house photovoltaic system.

Even with new developments, we pay particular attention to the protection of the environment and resources.

BLEND IT – Contract blending

We are happy to support you with the development of the recipe, advise you on the selection of the most suitable raw materials and can procure them for you through our supplier network.

When mixing food, it is particularly important to precisely follow the specified recipe. This is the only way to guarantee the consistent quality of the end product.

Since we as a grinding mill produce many customer-specific flours, our employees also bring their many years of experience to bear here.

Your product is carefully ground to meet your needs and is hygienically safe.

On top of that:
We also store your valuable raw materials under optimal conditions for you.

FILL IT & PACK IT – contract filling

Under the highest hygiene standards, we fill your food-safe product into the optimal packaging according to previously agreed parameters. We make no compromises when it comes to quality assurance and use metal detectors and protective screens, among other things.

Your product will either be delivered directly to us in St. Georgen/Gusen for bottling, or we will take care of the procurement of the raw materials.

The filling then starts under the most hygienic and allergen-compliant conditions in the previously jointly defined packaging.

Did you know that we are also happy to refine your raw materials in individually designed mixtures?

In recent years, the appreciation for food and, consequently, the demand for its quality has continued to increase.
Products have to fulfill a large number of characteristics in order to be able to prove themselves successfully on the market. In addition to the high product quality of the packaging, we also make sure, for example, that it is environmentally friendly, sustainable, well designed and practical.

We fill your product into BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS made of paper. There is also the option of a paper coating, which is particularly suitable for greasy products. The optimal filling quantity is between 250-1000 g.

When closing the paper bag, you can choose between brick format and high closure.

If you wish, we can support you in the evaluation and procurement of your individual packaging. Of course, this also applies to labels, whether single-, multi-colored or high-gloss. There are no limits to the design.

So that your finished product can be handled as efficiently as possible from storage to shop shelf an overpacking in PE film of 5 x 1 kg or 1 x 10 kg is best for block bottom bags. We pack high-sealing bags in recyclable cardboard boxes of 6-8 units each.

Our packaging specialists will be happy to advise you on this.

We offer valve bags especially for our customers who require larger filling quantities (10-30 kg). These are available printed or unprinted, with or without a label.

Here we also rely on ultrasonic technology, which closes the bags absolutely dust-tight.
For your individual warehousing, we can pack your specific number of bags on pallets (Euro, plastic H1 or one-way).

STORE IT – Warehousing

We have sufficient storage space and therefore offer you the opportunity to store your filled goods in the best possible way, to pick them and also to deliver them on demand according to the First In First Out method. Our service also includes best-before date monitoring.

Your products are therefore optimally stocked.

Certified reliability

Our IFS Food and EU-BIO/ÖKO certifications guarantee that your food is safe with us.

The quality of our high-quality raw materials and the products made from them are subject to regular monitoring. Our specially trained employees can carry out these checks in our in-house laboratory. We would be happy to complete further analyses for you at accredited testing institutes.

International Featured Standard Food (IFS)

We meet this higher level food quality & food
safety certification.

Our certificate


This EU-BIO/ÖKO certification uniformly identifies all organic products that are manufactured within the European Union.

Our certificate