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We obtain our raw materials from the best growing areas in Austria, the traditional quality wheat field in eastern Austria, and selected parts of Alpenvorland. Grain that comes from these areas is characterized by high baking quality, as reflected in high baking volume.

Food safety is top priority
All bins and transport elements are tightly sealed. In the mill a lot of air is needed. We filter the fresh air and maintain a slight positive air-pressure in the whole production area. The entire piping system is made of safe stainless steel. Of course, our trucks are inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. All products are delivered in perfect condition and quality.

Laboratory secures quality
In our in-house laboratory
regular checks of all raw materials and products are processed. Additional tests are conducted by independent EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited external laboratories.

Safety for the consumer
A closed supply chain and a PLC controlled production site guarantee that all products can be traced back to their origin. We meet the EC Regulation 178/2002 on
Traceability of food products.

On-time delivery
Our customers appreciate our high reliability for delivery. Whether small or large quantities, our standard products are available on demand. Batches are mixed according to individual customer-recipes and delivered promptly. Our customers obtain the right product at the right time.